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Steel Fibers

Steel Fibers are Short Discrete lenghts of steel which can be dispersed or mixed in fresh concrete to Form steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC)

Summary Of Steel Fibres

• Fibres increases productivity by eliminating the process of laying wire mesh

• Fibres increases the quality of slabs in terms of less shrinkage cracks and better impact and fatigue resistance 

• Fibres contributes to sustainable construction by reducing the usage of concrete and steel

Comparison Between Steel Fiber & Wire Mesh

Steel Fiber  Wire Mesh
3 Dimensional Reinforcement  2 Dimensional Reinforcement  
Always placed correctly  Difficult to place correctly
 Reinforces against shrinkage cracking Controls Cracks once they have occurred 
Reduces Bleeding & Settlement.  Induced Joints recommended at 10m Centers
Improves Impact & Abrasion Resistance.   
Provides Shatter & Spalling Resistance  
Reduces Permeability   
Improves Freeze/Thaw Resistance.   
Provides Resistance to Explosive Spalling  
Induced Joints recommended at 6m Centers  

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