PP Fiber


CPPST grades PP fibers specially made only for concrete application. It is blend of micro & macro fibers, as length of fibers vary from 24mm to 40mm. The long length of fiber holds together different components of concrete together, while shorter length fibers(which have lower diameter) increases the number of fibers, thereby providing better reinforcement, crack prevention and increase in strength of concrete. It has been used in floorings, roads, slabs and other load bearing structure.

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For Concrete: -0.9 Kg to 1.8 Kg/ Cu. Mtr.
The above mentioned dosage is just a guideline. It is recommended to optimize the dosage Depending on the requirement.

For site mixing: - Add fiber in the drum after adding some water, which is added to clean the drum after each batch. Then add chips/sand/cement/water in the concrete mixer and continue normal operation.
For dosing in Ready Mix Truck: - Add fibers in the rotating drum and allow extra revolutions of drum in maximum RPM possible.
Note: The addition of fibers to a given mix may appear to decrease the slump. The workability, however, will not be affected and additional water should not be added.


Material     Calcium reinforced virgin PP or 100% virgin PP          
Length 24 - 40 mm
Diameter (approx) 24 - 40 micron
Aspect ratio (approx) 1000 – 1375
Melt Point 162oC 
Specific Gravity 0.91
Thermal & Electric Conductivity           Low
 Alkali Resistance 100% Alkali Proof
 Acid & Salt Resistance High