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Laser controlled Concrete Screeding Replacing traditional VDF/ TREMIX Technology.

Laser screed for super flat concrete flooring industrial, warehouse floors, roads & car park floor,with latest technology a new concept in concrete laying & finishing laser screed can produce 800 to 1000 Sq.Mtr. In a day

Laser controlled screeds are a new concept in laying concrete floors that Distribute,level and screed in one operation.
This technology reducesLabour and equipment, whilst producing consistently accurate results.
The Laser controlled screeds make placing concrete simple, with high quality Output.

Laser controlled screeds are driven during concrete pouring and the auger Attached in front of the vibrating beam distributes excess concrete evenly.
Thereby, achieving high tolerance and flatter floors, with less labourRequired to distribute the concrete into place.

It drastically reduces time, Labour, number of construction joints and eventually improves the flatness of floors.

Laser controlled screeds can produce 800 to 1000 Sq. Mt. in a day
Depending on the circumstances such as planning, Concrete supply and access to the slab.

Laser controlled screed machines are usable on deck slabs as long as the construction of the deck can allow their weight.

Laser Screed can also be used on well spaced reinforcement mesh, with the option of using four extra wheels for support.

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