Floor Hardners

Floor Hardners Duty Industrial Flooring

Floor Hardners since 1912, after extensive laboratory and field trials offer metallic, non-metallic, light-reflective and coloured dry shakes to be broadcast over green concrete for both industrial and residential complexes. Floor Hardners Dry Shakes, to be incorporated directly into finished floors, offer decorative coloured floors which are also abrasion and impact resistant.

While Floor Hardners quality products are not always the cheapest to buy they are usually the least expensive to install and certainly the most economical to maintain in the long run under costly equipment or structures.

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Product Description Application Coverage Applied Thick-Ness Packing & Shelf Life
 Floor Hardners NO. 1 Metallic Floor Hardner to be mixed  with Granolithic topping for heavy duty floors. Floor Hardners powder to be incorporated into Granolithic
topping for Light Medium Heavy duty flooring.
1.Light duty 2 Kgs/m²
2.Medium duty 3 Kgs/m²
3. Heavy duty 4 Kgs/m²
12 to 18 mm 50 Kgs H.D.P.E BAGS.
12 months.
Floor Hardners NO. 2 

Metallic Dryshake for extra heavy duty floors. Offers maximum resistanace to abrasion, impact & high point loads, considarably extends the servicable life of the floor.

To broadcast over green concrete. 3.5 Kgs to 8 Kgs/m² as per service conditions.

1.5 to 3 mm

25 Kgs H.D.P.EBAGS. 6 months. 

Floor Hardners NO. 3 Coloured & light reflective, abrasion & impact resistant heavy duty Industrial Flooring. (Metallic Base)

To broadcast over green concrete. 4.5 Kgs to 8 Kgs/m² as per service conditions. 2 to 3 mm 25 Kgs H.D.P.E BAGS.6 months.
Floor Hardners NO. 4 Non-Metallic dryshake available in Natural white & coloured shakes for Industrial/Residential complexes.

To broadcast over green concrete. 4.5 Kgs to 6 Kgs/m² 2 to 3 mm 25 Kgs H.D.P.E BAGS 6 months
Floor Hardners Membrane curing & sealing compound, provides required curing retains moisture in concrete. (Additional water curing not necessary) Applied with brush or spray shake well before use. 
To be applied over freshly laid finished slab surface.
200 to 250 gm/m² 20 Kgs. 200 Kgs. 6 Months

Floor Repair:

Areas subjected to heavy traffic such as loading bays, trucking lanes, machine shop, ramps, spillways, godowns, workshop, jetties etc. become uneven and break down due to constant impact & abrasion. Such flooring need to undergo periodic repairs. Ordinarily they are repaired by using cement concrete which requires a long curing time.

In todays age and time, factories which are running round the clock cannot provide adequate curing time. Hence we suggest the use of instant floor hardner in which flooring is ready to use in small period. It is an ideal, economical & established product in world of floor repairing.